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Forum > Văn viết tiếng Anh >> Anglorthoglots's 2013 plans.

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 Post by: anglorthoglots
 ID 19584
 Date: 01/08/2013

Anglorthoglots's 2013 plans.
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Having just upgraded a notch in my age tally, I hardly feel any motives to fare the way ahead. What I achieved last year is but the relocation of the family to a new place, which is still entailing endless trivial hand work, which I hate most. What to come still? The vicious circle is spinning there! Sustenance is what makes human beings eke out their living in particularly different ways. Mine seems to be a unique walk of life, given the backgrounds this sort. However, before moving I had vowed to stop working for my usual client, whose job involves inter-governmental environment management activities; as I had seen the role of an interpreter&translator in this complex transaction is tough one and ever tougher. So 'give it a damn' works best for me as an appropriate excuse now! Haha! Otherwise, I would of course be under great pressure from both parties, not to say of discernable or indiscernable envies from many entities involved. The language rendering role would be no neutral. Crookedness is none of my natures. Dude! it's your time to leave. No decision for now and on has been made though. The likely thing-to-do is that next week I will start tutoring some children -- hope they don't bring toddlers for English learning -- so I will start to glean loose change. But who cares!

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