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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: pecon
 ID 19130
 Date: 12/27/2011

MyWorld English Writing Contest
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How to join MyWorld English Writing Contest?
There are three points:
- Join MyWorld English Writing Contest BitBit.
- Send notes at least 300 words to News of MyWorld English Writing Contest BitBit. (You choose the topic yourselves and one user can submit many notes)
- The contestants have a month to promote your notes to get votes from your friends.

Very easy, right?
How to submit notes to MyWorld English Writing Contest:

How about the rules?
1. Policy
- The Contest will take place from 0 a.m. December 17th 2011 to 5 p.m. January 17th 2012
- One contestant can submit many notes, MyWorld only rewards the one that get highest points.
- Contents of the notes must be legal
- Do not cheat, or steal notes from other writers.
- MyWorld.vn has a right to use info and photos of the winners to promote myworld.vn
- MyWorld has a right to make the final decision.
2. Points:
- The result depends on 70% from votes and 30% from the jury.
- MyWorld will combine the votes from other users and points from MyWorld and the jury and then pick up the 3 best contestants to get prizes.

And the most interesting thing is here, the prizes for the winners.
- 1 first prize for the contestant that gets highest point: 750,000 VND + MyWorld Cup.
- 1 second prize for the contestant that gets the second highest point: 500,000 VND + MyWorld Cup.
- 1 third prize for the contestant that gets the third highest point: 250,000 VND + MyWorld Cup.
- 2 fourth prize for the two contestants that submit more notes than the others: MyWorld T-shirt

The judge:
Mr. Dao Hoang Trung from Huflit University

gp kiến
 Reply: pecon
 REF: 100606
 Date: 01/04/2012

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MyWorld English Writing Contest got the notes from the users:
- Wonderful teachers (by lovehumorous )

Why do I like Harry Potter? (by Roxanne)

My favorite movie is Breaking Dawn Part 1 (by Tra_Sua)


Tet holiday Yesterday & now (by BabyPooh)

Why not going out to make world a better place? (by hlong290494)

Should students get part time jobs? (by banhmuffin)

- Learning English (by MaiThy2012 )

Here is a paragraph of the contestants:
"When I was little, I used to eagerly wait for New Years coming to wear new clothes, to eat Chung rice cake, and especially to hear the sound of firecrackers on the Tets Eve. On the Tets Day, my family came to visit my grandparents & relatives, then the whole family would go around Saigon to play. The streets of Saigon in the Tets Day was so quiet deserted, looking peacefully and it was different than usual.

Continue to read or vote for this note, please visit: bitbit.myworldvn.com/myworld-writing-contest

  gp kiến



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