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    image   Conversation - Đàm thoại thành ngữ thực dụng nhất
    LESSON#121: Holding The Fort, Left Holding The Bag.   (4927)
    LESSON#122:Can't Hold A Candle To, Hold Your Horses, Hold The Phone.   (4755)
    LESSON#123: No Holds Barred, Put On Hold.   (4600)
    LESSON#124: Hair Raising, Not Turn A Hair.   (5774)
    LESSON#125: Split Hairs, Let Your Hair Down.   (5681)
    LESSON#126: Get In Your Hair, Bad Hair Day.   (5055)
    #127: To Go Nuts About, From Soup to Nuts   (5157)
    #128: A Hard Nut to Crack, In A Nut Shell   (4517)
    LESSON#129: Miss The Boat, All In The Same Boat.   (5180)
    LESSON#130 : Rock The Boat, Burn Your Boats Behind You.   (4456)
    LESSON#131 : Tell Me About It, Tell It Like It Is.   (4767)
    LESSON#132: Let Me Tell You A Thing Or Two, I'll Tell You What.   (5387)
    #133: Take It Easy, Take It Or Leave It   (5063)
    LESSON# 134: To Nail Down, To Hit The Nail On The Head.   (6188)
    LESSON# 135: Hard (Or Tough) As Nails, Another Nail In The Coffin   (4988)
    LESSON#136: Nail-Biter, Tooth And Nail.   (4276)
    LESSON#137 : To Talk (Your Ear Off/ A Blue Streak, Nineteen To Dozen, Until You Are Blue In The Face)   (4462)
    LESSON#138 : Talk In Circles, Talk Off The Top Of His Head, Heart To Heart Talk.   (5270)
    LESSON#139 : Sweet Talk, Double Talk, Shop Talk, Talk Of The Town.   (5033)
    LESSON#140 : A Feather In Your Cap, To Feather Your Own Nest.   (4559)
    # 141: Ruffle His Feathers, Make The Feathers.   (5050)
    # 142: In Fine Feather, Birds Of A Feather, Fuss And Feathers, Horse Feathers   (4420)
    # 143:Straight Arrow, Straight Face.   (4424)
    # 144: Straight From The Shoulder, Straight From The Horse's Mouth.   (4594)
    #145: Greenhorn, Tenderfoot, Wet behind the ears   (4323)
    # 146: Happy As A Clam, Happy-Go-Lucky, Slap-Happy, Happy Camper.   (5067)
    # 147: Bird Brain, Early Bird Special, Strictly For The Birds.   (5368)
    # 148: Seed Money, Front Money, Smart Money.   (4654)
    #150: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Throw Money Down At A Rat Hole, Take The Money And Run   (4891)
    # 151: Slap On The Back, Slap In The Face, Slap On The Wrist.   (5171)
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Total Pages: 12

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